Hi Manifold Ragdoll Kittens, Just wanted to let you know that my new kitty is just awesome and doing very well adapting to his new home. He definitely has a very unique personality and is so much fun having around. He follows me around the house and even greeted me tonight when I got home from work. Since he is so calm I have had no issues at all with my other cat who is around six or my smaller dog. He is such a beautiful kitten, I still haven’t figured out a name that will suit him. Too soon to send you a photo but thought his first picture was so adorable, I wanted to share. Thanks so much for all your help in getting this guy for me and giving him such a special personality.

Kelly Williams

When I first saw this Seal Bi Color Ragdoll kitten I just knew I had to get her! She has the biggest blue eyes with fur as white as snow, an absolute gorgeous Ragdoll kitten, she is a complete doll! I have to thank you guys, without you our baby wouldn’t be as amazing as she is now.

Carol J. Isaac

My wife and I have done so much research before adopting our Ragdoll kitten, and coming from all the research we’ve done, Manifold Ragdoll Kittens is the best ragdoll breeders with their adorable and healthy Ragdoll kittens and if that’s not enough; all the positive feedback they get. Thank you for our beautiful Jewels,

Tamara Taylor

I absolutely love this Ragdoll kitten that I got from Manifold Ragdoll Kittens. It is super adorable and funny too! In just a short amount of time, this kitten that I got from this Ragdoll breeder got used to us already and not very shy anymore. In fact, she is now totally enjoying her new home, and her new family. We are also very pleased to have her as a house pet. Actually, this is our first time to have one, and we are most thankful to be handled by one of the best Ragdoll cat breeders in USA. I cannot imagine myself dealing with someone else. I will surely recommend this Ragdoll cats breeder and her Ragdoll kittens. All of her Ragdoll kittens are unique. They are smart, intelligent, adorable, and very funny too! You will definitely spend hours playing with your Ragdoll.

Derek A.

If you are looking for the best Ragdoll cats breeders then consider Hi Manifold Ragdoll Kittens, you will never be disappointed with this Ragdoll breeder for sure! They have the best cat breeds. I spent hours choosing for the best Ragdoll kitten in their list. I had a hard time choosing, simply because they were all adorable and beautiful little creatures that you just want to take home. But since this is my first time to own a Ragdoll, I had to choose one only. I chose the Rare Solid Blue Mitted Ragdoll kitten, and I am very happy with it! She’s so playful and very charming. She also has this sweet side where she loves being cuddled.

Elisa E. Young

It was very hard to find the perfect Ragdoll breeder. When we decide that the Ragdoll cat is our choice. It is EXTREMELY important to find a good Ragdoll breeder and after months of searching, I came across Manifold Ragdoll Kittens and the most amazing Ragdoll EVER! Manifold Ragdoll Kittens was wonderful in answering all of the questions that I had when choosing my Ragdoll kitten.

Philip E. Perkins

Hi Manifold Ragdoll Kittens, Our little man arrived safe and sound, and is he a beauty. He stayed in my daughter’s arms the whole drive home, purring for most of it. Now he is exploring her room purring most of the time. Seems very content. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of “raising” him to this age. We love him and he will be a wonderful addition to our family I am sure.

Sabrina E. Johnson

Manifold Ragdoll Kittens is now my SUPER FAVORITE breeder of ragdoll cats. I am a fan of this cat breed. They are truly a domesticated breed that is both fun and calming to have at home. They can be playful which can brighten up the aura of your home, and they can be the sweetest things on earth, which can surely remove your stress after a day’s work. I learned about this Ragdoll breeder through a friend. Without hesitations, I checked out their website, there were cute Ragdoll kittens available for adoption, and they were all looking great! Obviously, as a hardcore cat lover, I know what a cat should look like, if you are taking care of your cat appropriately, and I believe Manifold Ragdoll Kittens has been doing a good job there.

Jack Baker

This Ragdol breeder is simply the best, because they have provided me with everything that I need, in order to have a smooth adoption. I am a serious Ragdoll cat fan, and to this day, I already have two Blue point Ragdolls and a Seal point one, which is my favourite. I had a hard time choosing from the available list of Ragdoll Kittens at Manifold Ragdoll Kittens, but the breeder helped me choose the best that I will surely adore. The process was quick and very easy, and in just two days, I already have my Ragdoll kitten with me.

Wanda R. Perdue

If you are looking for a breed of cat that is adorable, sweet, and truly domesticated, what you have to look for is a Ragdoll cat. I found a great Manifold Ragdoll Kittens, and I fell in love with the ones I saw on their website. It was not hard for me to choose, because there were actual pictures posted, so you can see how the Ragdoll cat looked like.


All I see on your website are the most adorable Ragdoll kittens for sale I have ever seen! Adopting a Ragdoll kitten from you was definitely a good decision to make… I really appreciate you putting up with all my silly questions. Also, thank you for providing food & some toys with the crate when you shipped her to me! Chocolate is one of the healthiest cats I have right now, thank you

Abel K. Seals